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We can proudly say that we are NO. 1 Pre Engineered Manufacturers  and we are also a one stop provider for all the structural needs and have various products ranging from stairs, Canopies, Porta cabins, floors etc.

Common applications of Pre engineered buildings.

  • Prefabricated Building

  • Factory Shed

  • Prefabricated Godown

  • Poultry Shed

  • Prefabricated Cold Storage

  • Factories

  • Workshop

  • Cold stores

  • Car parking shed

  • Bulk product warehouse

  • Schools

  • Convention halls

  • Hospitals

  • Theatres

  • Auditorium

  • Sport complex

  • Showrooms

  • Supermarkets

  • Restaurants

  • Offices

  • Service stations

  • Shopping malls

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  • Warehouse Constructions

  • Convention Center 

  • Steel structure buildings

  • Steel rolling mills

  • Power plant

  • Cement industries

  • Textile mills

  • Food processing industries

  • Automobile industries

  • Industrial buildings

  • Multistoried buildings

  • Cement plants

  • Commercial buildings

  • Exhibition centers

  • Logistic Centers

  • Poultries / Dairy Farms

  • Equipment Housing / shelters

  • Hotels / Resorts

  • Structural steel Buildings.

  • Metal buildings.

  • Factory Building.

  • Steel garage buildings

  • ​Residential steel buildings

  • Commercial steel building

  • Complexes

  • Industrial Constructions Manufacturers

  • Industrial Constructions Service

  • Steel building 

  • Steel Composite Structure 

  • Prefab Sheds 

  • Factory Sheds 

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  • Industrial Sheds

  • Industrial Construction 

  • Industrial Warehouses 

  • Auditorium Construction 

  • Badminton Court Flooring Constructions

Steel Structures.jpg

Prefabricated Building

Warehouse building

image (16).jpg
image (4).jpg


image (27).jpg



Cement plant

    Residential steel buildings

warehouse shed.jpg
image (8).jpg

Food processing industries


Logistic Centers

Badminton Court.jpg

Sport Complex

image (39).jpg

Multistoried buildings

image (4).png

Factory building

image (36).jpg

Textile mills



image (1).jpg

Residentail steel buildings

image (9).jpg

Metal Building

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Commercial buiding

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Delta Infrastructures is a leading manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings in India, We design fabricate and deliver world class steel buildings on time and on budget. We define quality and committed to excellence. Our design and fabrication quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001 standard. We provide a comprehensive solution right from a project briefing to the final on-site installation.

Delta a Peb steel Company, Turnkey Solution Provider ,best suited for Warehouses, Power Plants, Distribution Centers, Cold Storages, Factories, Showrooms, Sport Halls, Workshops, Super Markets, Aircraft Hangers, Educational Institutions, Offices, Hospitals, Multi-storey Buildings, etc. Most importantly, the structural design for a building must ensure that the building is able to stand up safely, able to function without excessive deflections or movements which may cause fatigue of structural elements, cracking or failure of fixtures, fittings or partitions, or discomfort for occupants including the Civil Construction. 

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We keep our projects economical and cost competitive. We have a team of engineers and designers who are highly skilled, enthusiastic and excel in what they do. Most importantly we have an attitude of being ahead of schedules with an uncompromised standard for safety. 

All PEB industries and offering single-source responsibility involving complete Pre-engineered building systems and solutions. Delta Infrastructures is committed to providing the customer with the highest quality PEB Manufacturers products and services. we have served many prestigious clients of various manufacturing industry sectors across PAN India. Our Team is committed to providing the fastest response to Requests for Quotes (RFQs), fastest delivery, attention to detail during all phases of interaction with the customers. Our PEB design is the knowledge and engineering back-end for the manufacturing facilities, providing optimization in design to cater to the extensive manufacturing and automated machinery, keeping in mind the time and cost targets.

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Delta infrastructures committed to deliver a superior range of PEB manufacturers products that have witnessed increasing demands in the competitive market. Custom industrial fabrication is the house specialty. We have a combined total of almost 15 years of industrial exposure. This company can handle most any fabrication needed. We will take care of everything while your business grows, be it your prefab, Industrial sheds, warehouse or manufacturing unit.

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